About Tectoy

National reference in electronic entertainment area, Tectoy was founded in 1987, initially to develop and produce high technology toys. Nowadays, the company manufactures videogames under license by SEGA and it acts on the consumption market of electronics. It produces DVD players, DVD karaokês, digital TV reception devices, in this sector it is pionner, manufacturing the first Blu-ray in Brazil. In the games area, Tectoy acts by Tectoy Mobile (distribution of games for cellular phones) and Tectoy Studios (branch from Tectoy Mobile for development of games for cellular phones, vídeo games and social network). In the end of 2010, Tectoy started to manufacture and commercialize for other brands, also offering logistics services and after Sales. The company still has participation on Zeebo Inc., with its main office in the United States. The main office and the plant of Tectoy are located in Manaus and it has a business branch in São Paulo.



Provide products and services in a consistent way to meet and overcome our internal and external clients’ expectations through efficient use of resources.

Get collaborators and suppliers involved in the countinuous improvement of product quality, processes and services.

Provide to collaborators, trainning and necessary tools in order to be able to contribute in the effort of quality.


We deliver fun and challenge, enjoying, educating, and establishing relationship of trust and honesty with innovative products that offer high value of entertainment and technology.

Tectoy is a young, bolding and innovative company that intends to be part of the day by day of its consumers, clients and partners, offering fun, innovations and technology, in order to become a reference to be followed and repetead, a proud to all those that cheer for the success of the company and grow with it.


We concentrate our efforts in the fulfillment of our goals, we make use of sophisticated techniques and we treat differently everything that envolves the third party: consumers, clients, suppliers, banks and shareholders, etc, without however flauting or wasting.

We appreciate and encourage spontaneous acts of cost reduction and of efficiency in any level.

At Tectoy, time is scarse resource, valuing its correct use, starting by the respect to the schedules. We analyze cost/benefit of each action taking into account ethics, our dreams and the valuation of our staff.


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